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Shanghai-developed high-temperature resistant "Chinese fiber" enters the industrialization stage

Release: 2018-11-29 Hits: 590

The key scientific and technological research project in Shanghai, “Research on the Key Technologies of Thousand Tons of Polysulfonate Industrialization,” recently passed the acceptance of the expert group. This “Chinese fiber” is characterized by high temperature resistance and can be used in a long-term environment at 250 ° C, or even more Instant use at high temperatures. Previously, DuPont Nomex represented the world's most advanced level, but "China Fiber" has exceeded it in terms of heat resistance, high temperature dimensional stability and other indicators.

According to reports, the first phase of a 1,000-ton industrial line with an investment of 200 million yuan was completed in Shanghai in early 2007. This will be the world's only industrial production line for aramid fiber. Pyramid can not only achieve an annual output value of about 250 million yuan, but also drive the development of industries directly related to the output value of about 1.5 billion yuan.

The breakthrough of this technology has saved a lot of costs. Project research director Zhu Yisheng told reporters that, taking fire protection clothing as an example, it costs 5,000 yuan to import from the United States, and it will only cost 2,000 yuan to produce "Chinese fiber" in the future.


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