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1.4D * 38 / 51mm colored orange red native dahua polyester staple fiber

Ordinary polyester staple fiber can be dyed with disperse dyes, but it can be carried out under high temperature and pressure or in the presence of a carrier. It has large damage to the fiber, poor color fastness, and a narrow coloring range. The colored fiber produced by adding color masterbatches solves the problem of dyeing in subsequent processes, shortens the production process of the product, and stabilizes the physical indicators of the product, uniform fiber coloring, high color fastness, and increases the variety of colors, making the final textile more colorful. .
Colored fibers of various colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and violet, as well as various color spectrums that have evolved from it, are used to spin various yarns and fabrics.
Black fiber is used for spinning knitting and weaving yarns such as hemp gray yarn and soot yarn.


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